Information material to download

Management manual

The results from the restorations, the monitoring and the disseminations within the project have been compiled into a manual of how to restore and manage sandy habitats. The manual is available in Swedish and English:

Att satsa stort för att gynna det lilla – en manual om restaurering och skötsel av sandiga marker (pdf)

Restoration and management of sandy habitats in southern Sweden (pdf)

Laymans’ report

In each LIFE project, a summary report will be produced at the end of the project, called Laymans’ report. Here it is available in Swedish and in English.

After-Life plan

In the After-Life Conservation Plan for Sand Life, the general och site-specific management is compiled for the different sandy habitats. The plan is available in English and Swedish.

Here you will find folders, broschyrs and other information that can be downloaded

Variuos folders

Site specific folders

Reports produced within Sand Life

Management plans for nature reserves produced within Sand Life

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