Removal of Rosa rugosa

Removing Rosa rugosa is one of the most important actions within Sand Life due to the invasive growth of the species. However, the action is complicated, since the roots needs to be digged up from various depths and destructed, and this makes it very costly.

The amount of Rosa rugosa that is planned to be removed in the project is 23.2 hectare and the sites is mainly along the Swedish west coast.

At the two sites (Haverdal and Laholsmbukten) in the County of Halland Rosa rugosa has been removed at 2,5 hectare. However, the root systems of the plants have gone much deeper than estimated and digging up roots have been made from depths of about 2 meters. The deeper the roots go, the larger volumes needs to be dig up (see below) and handled afterwards when the roots are separated from the sand in a sorting work (see below).

Digging up Rosa rugosa Sorting work for Rosa rugosa
At Flommen on Falserbohalvön, more than 6 hectare of Rosa rugosa have been removed by digging up the root system and driving the plant material out from the site. The ground water level was to high to allow the material to be digged down as in other sites. However, there still are bushes left and the risk of spreading is high and these plants needed to be removed in the area.

Vresrosgrävning Flommen