Information and Communication

Information about our Sand Dunes and Heaths

Seminars and walking tours

Being involved in a dialogue with those who live close to the affected areas and the public in general is an important part of the project’s implementation. Each of the areas that are included in Sand Life will have a specific plan for the interventions that will be taking place there. There plans will be discussed during a number of seminars and walking tours. These will also be used as an opportunity to demonstrate the diverse flora and fauna of the sand dunes and heaths and to discuss their need for habitats.

There will be the opportunities to take part in guided walking tours or meetings at a Sand Life area close to you. Keep an eye on the project’s website and the local press for details!

Outdoor museums

When you stand out in the vibrant sandy environment, a mass of questions and thoughts are awakened. It should be possible to get find an answer to these directly by visiting one of the 12 outdoor museums that will be set up in carefully selected places in the areas that are included in Sand Life. At these sites, you will be able to find information about the surrounding environment, about the sand dunes and heaths in general and about Sand Life. There will be information on the website as soon as an outdoor museum is ready.

The first two outdoor museums were inaugurated on the 2nd of June 2014 and more about the event can be seen here.

Other information

When visiting an area that is included in Sand Life it should also be possible to find on-site information about the project and about the unique importance of the sand dunes and heaths. In Skåne, Halland and on Öland, close to 140 information signs will be set up between now and 2018. Information will also be available in various apps for mobile phones.

If you want to learn more about the sand dunes and heaths, you may read the brochures and reports that will be available on the website, as well as from each respective county. Be on the look-out!

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