What has happened in Halland?

At a mini-workshop in 16th and 17th of August the project managers met up at the project sites in the County of Halland to discuss restoration actions and best practice. The regional project leader Magnus Nystrand showed the results after the hard work of removing Rosa rugosa in the sand dunes. The majority of the plant material has been removed and the discussion now is what to do with the remaining tilling’s coming up.

Vresrosgrävning i Haverdal

At large areas Pinus mugo has been removed and here we can see the sand reclaiming the site.

Bergtallröjning i Halland

At four locations in the sites, the project outdoor museums have been built up to inform the public about the values in the sandy habitats and how to manage them. Here the outdoor museum at Laholmsbuktens sanddynsreservat.

Utemuseum i Laholmsbukten