Project Partners

 •The County Administrative Board in Skåne

 •The County Administrative Board in Kalmar

 •The County Administrative Board in Halland

 •Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve

 •Lund University

The project group consists of representatives of each of the project partners. From the right: Gabrielle Rosquist (project manager), Karin Hernborg (Halland), Sara Sörensen (economist), Carina Wettemark (Kristianstads Vattenrike), Pål-Axel Olsson (Lund University), Johan Jansson (Kalmar); seated, from the left: Maria Sandell (Skåne) and Jeanette Hansson (Halland)

 The County Administrative Board in Skåne

The County Administrative Board in Skåne has overall responsibility for the Sand Life project. Here you will find the project management team with the project manager Gabrielle Rosquist and the project economist Sara Sörensen who will together ensure that the project runs smoothly and follows the plan and the budget stipulated in the project application.

Maria Sandell is the regional project manager and in change of the actions and measures that will be conducted in Skåne County itself. Maria is also involved in some of the project’s information efforts.

The more practical measures that will be conducted within the respective Natura 2000 areas in Skåne will be conducted by the county’s protected areas managers. Karl-Johan Pålsson is responsible the western part of the county, Magnus Jönsson for the south east, Kenth Ljungberg and Hans Cronert for the north east and Jörgen Nilsson is responsible for central Skåne.

 The County Administrative Board in Kalmar

On Öland in Kalmar County, the regional project manager Johan Jansson is in charge of the measures that will be conducted and the information that will be distributed with the five different Natura 2000 areas that are included in Sand Life. Johan is also responsible for the soil analyses that will take place within the areas of sandy grasslands on Öland and in Skåne.

 The County Administrative Board in Halland

The regional project managers Karin Hernborg and Jeanette Hansson are responsible for ensuring that actions are conducted i the county’s two Natura 2000 areas included in Sand Life.

 Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve

Kristianstads Vattenrike has extensive experience of outdoor museums and will be managing the establishment of 12 museums for 12 different Natura 2000 areas as part of Sand Life. Carina Wettemark from Vattenrike will be in charge of this aspect of the project.

 Lund University

The Department of Biology at Lund University are in charge of the monitoring and supervision of Sand Life. Professor Pål-Axel Olsson is planning the documentation and taking an inventory of the changes that will take place out in the countryside.

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