Partners in Sand Life

Co-financiers in Sand Life

Other Swedish Life+ Projects

  • Foder och Fägringrestoration of meadows and pastures
  • GRACE management of islands in archipelagos
  • Life to ad(d)mirerestore encroached and drained wetlands
  • MIArestoration of the unique archipelago of Mälaren
  • MOTH – monitoring of nature
  • ReMiBarremediation of migratory barriers in stream crossings
  • SAMBAH – monitoring the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise
  • Vindel River LIFE – restoration of the Vindel river
  • Unio crassus for Life – thick shelled river mussel
  • RECLAIMrestoration of wet lands outside Örebro
  • Life ELMIAS – eradicate Dutch Elm Disease on Gotland
  • Life Vänern – restoration of birdskerries in Vänern
  • Coast benefit – recreate a lighter coast and archipelago
  • Bush Life – restoration of bush-rich fields in Skåne
  • Life Taigarestoration of Swedish taiga by burning


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